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Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by Luke Faragher
Creative Cloud CS6

What is CS6

Creative Suite 6 (CS6) is Adobes’ latest iteration of their premium design software with industry leading applications for graphic design, web design / development and video editing. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past three decades, you can pretty much guarantee that nearly every bit of media you have consumed, from magazines to websites have been created using one of the apps from this suite, a true measure of how popular and revolutionary this software family has been.

The last major update of the suite was in the form of CS5.5, which was released in April of last year (the first and only partial release of the suite to date) and since the last time we updated our software was CS4, we were itching to see what CS6 had in store.

Creative Cloud

Like many other applications of late, Adobe has looked to the cloud to enhance the usability, scalability and security of their application. Although CS6 offers a slightly different variation of this popular model, (primarily due to the local processing power that the applications require) we can definitely see the benefits of Adobes ‘Creative Cloud’, allowing users to share materials with clients, collectively collaborate on projects and comment on works submitted by peers. Although we’re not sure how this stacks up when considering client confidentiality, we think thats overall it’s a great step forward for productivity and collaboration if properly regulated.

Perhaps the most poignant enhancement the ‘Creative Cloud’ offers is the subscription based model that allows access to all 16 CS6 apps plus 6 touch apps, which have been designed specifically for tablet based devices and although we don’t think we need them all, it will definitely give us something to play with in our down time.

CS6 Touch Apps

As previously mentioned, CS6 sees the release of 6 dedicated touch apps which Adobe says, will compliment their desktop apps.

  • Potoshop Touch – Adobes flagship application but with an intuitive touch interface.
  • Ideas – basic vector drawing application that can export into full illustrator designs
  • Proto – very clever little website wire framing app that really breaks the back of this tedious task
  • Collage – Our personal favourite, allowing you to create a mood board from a variety of image sources and drawing tools
  • Kuler – Colour browsing and creation app
  • Debut – Presentation app to show off your designs

Having tried these apps we actually love them, especially Collage and Ideas, we are just a little disappointed that Adobe still hasn’t released Kuler and Debut for IOS… although perhaps this is a good thing as if these apps get too good we won’t want to come to the office.

Photoshop Touch

Our Verdict

As you might have guessed, we are pretty thrilled with our new software. The apps have all seen a number of good updates, the interface has been refreshed and more importantly Adobe have obviously been hard at work developing new features and a number of new apps. We feel that this really goes to show that Adobe will continue to push the bounds of what is expected, something that secures their position as the industry standard for this type of software.

If you want to find out more about CS6 and the Creative Cloud visit Adobe by clicking here.

Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 Web Tour

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