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Posted on: March 17th, 2012 by Luke Faragher
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Banner Marketing

What is Banner Advertising?

Display advertising can include text, images – be photographs or created images, location maps and logos. One of the most successful and therefore most popular form of internet advertising is through banners.

Banner advertising is designed to attract traffic to a particular website via a click-through and is guaranteed to appear with the agreed website through the internal hypertext link.

A website is embedded through a banner ad and will take interested parties directly to the source of the banner. This is useful in terms of time saving solutions as users won’t need to type in search terms to find you, they can just click on the banner.

Banners are also useful for attracting subconscious attention. The eye is drawn to objects that aren’t aligned with the rest of the page and curiosity may cause users to click on the link, meaning you could possibly benefit from un-targeted audiences as well.

Banner advertising is a popular form of display as it captures attention without demanding an action, meaning users are more likely to choose to click on a banner advert than having to fill in personal information.

Similar to that of a billboard or flier, banner advertising allows information to be displayed clearly at either the top or bottom of a webpage.

How do Banner Advertisements Work?

Banner advertisements are measured by click-through rates (or CTR). This is the amount of times a visitor will click on the banner ad linking to the advertiser’s web site.

Using cookies, you can keep track of visitors’ activities like shopping history and how the visitor came to visit the site.

By ensuring your banner ad is both simple and direct you can entice browsing customers to your site.

Why Use Banner Advertising?

Ranging from half page ads to micro bars, the banner is measured in pixel size the larger size being 486 x 60 and the smaller 88 x 31.

Banners are designed in order to create interest on relevant sites. This could mean for example, advertising caterers or photographers on wedding dress websites.

By using targeted banner ads that are based on the internet user’s activity, DiD can increase interest in your company by creating a continuous link to your page.

Banner advertising is a clear indication of digital marketing strengths, using the tools of market research you can provide banners to the users who are most likely to be interested in your service. A cost-effective solution for a wide reaching advertising campaign.

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