Posted on: March 13th, 2012 by Luke Faragher
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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the process of systematic planning of a direct target audience (i.e. a researched audience that may be interested) and sending a commercial message to this group.

These emails could be requesting business, sending ads, building loyalty, brand awareness, soliciting sales or asking for donations.

Email marketing can target both current customers and customers who could potentially be interested but haven’t requested information (so called cold lists).

Email marketing is a cost effective strategy to reaching out to current and potential customers. Therefore, the content of these e-mails must be both direct and attractive.

DiD can design specialised e-mails to cater for the different levels of interest. It is important not to blindly mass e-mail as this results in being labelled ‘spam’ and generally does more harm than good.

The Different Forms of Email Marketing

Newsletters. Email newsletters are a form of securing customer loyalty and rewards by keeping them up to date on areas of interest. They can serve to be an indirect sales but their primary function is keeping customers informed.

Transactional emails are generally a result of a customer’s action within a company, these include purchase and order confirmations and email receipts.

Direct emails are bulk mailing solutions that are designed solely to communicate a promotional message. These could be to current or potential customers and has the sole intention of conveying an advertisement.

Why Email Marketing?

The wide and varying aspects of marketing are time and cost demanding and any inefficient use of time costs companies customers and therefore revenue.

Email marketing has the potential to target thousands of current and potential customers quickly and effectively. It allows customers to take their time researching and exploring your company’s options, a consideration they may not have embarked upon without receiving the email prompt.

Emails marketing is relatively low cost for the service it provides and wastes no company time if ignored but can benefit immensely if indeed click upon.

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