Nexus Van Graphics

Posted on: April 18th, 2011 by Luke Faragher

Today Nexus international courier services launched a new Delivery vehicle for its inner city clients. The van, named Jonathan after a beloved client, is a Citroën dispatch and is fully LPG, meaning that although black in appearance it’s green on the inside, making us at DiD very happy!

Naturally, Drawn in Digital were asked to design the graphics for the vehicle and set to work on making our design reflect the high quality feel of the company’s current image, which was also created by Drawn in Digital as part of our targeted digital marketing strategy which you can read about by (clicking here).

In creating this design, Drawn in Digital aimed to use the companies prominent colour scheme to produce a design that was both sleek and visually appealing so that it stood out in a city with literally thousands of works vehicles. We looked to create a graphic design that would also act as a mobile marketing presence, capable of generating leads to draw customers to nexus.

In our pursuit of this state of van design “enlightenment” drawn in digital looked at how we could achieve our brief by analysing the industry rivals. After looking at these vehicles, we were struck by how basic other designs were however could see how a strong colour scheme could instantly create a recognisable brand and presence in the city especially in the fast paced world of the international courier. By combining the striking logo of Nexus International and the strong colour scheme developed in their online media (developed by DiD) Drawn in Digital were able to come up with a design we felt best reflected the high quality brand image of Nexus, whilst achieving our goals of being recognisable and memorable amongst the highly competitive Market.

At the time of writing, with the van being on the road a less than a week the van has already been a success, with a prospective client ringing nexus after “seeing one of the vans” and by getting the company number from the side of the vehicle. Subsequently, this prospect has joined the Nexus family and is now an active client, proving both the effectiveness of Drawn in Digitals active marketing strategy and the hard work and great service of Nexus International.

As you can imagine Nexus are delighted with the new van and the design and are looking to expand the fleet over the coming months. We hope that the vans will continue to be an effective marketing force and look forward to working with Nexus International in future projects.

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