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Posted on: October 17th, 2012 by Luke Faragher
Underground Wi-Fi Map

Virgin Media are continuing their Free Underground Wifi until the end of 2012

In a press release given today, officials from Virgin Media have confirmed that they will be continuing their free wifi service that they have initiated across a large portion of the underground tube network in London until the end of 2012. The service, which they now claim that over 600,000 people have accessed, was launched prior to the 2012 Games to allow users to connect to the internet whilst underground and has gathered many positive reviews due largely to it being the only service of its kind.

Although the service is limited to the platform, many commuters have been able to download emails or last minute reading materials to keep them busy during their journey. In order to access the internet however, users have been requested to register using their email address and view a 5 second advertisement from a Virgin Media advertiser generating sufficient revenues to interest the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the longevity of the service.

Virgin media had initially planned to roll out the service to 82 stations and charge non Virgin customers for usage however, as announced today it has only been able to implement the service in 72 and until the end of 2012 will keep the service free of charge.

That being said we think the potential for revenues both by charging users and the advertisements could see very healthy profits for Virgin and perhaps a range of competition from other ISP’s. We would certainly be interested in the digital marketing possibilities of advertising to an extremely bored commuter crowd.

A Statement from Virgin Media boss Jon James today:

“Wi-Fi on London Underground has been an incredible success with hundreds of thousands of people kept up-to-date and entertained whilst travelling around our capital city. Commuters and visitors will be able to make use of the internet throughout 2012 and we’re in positive talks with potential wholesale partners to ensure a fantastic experience for all Tube passengers throughout 2012 and beyond.”

Check out Virgin Media’s Dedicated London Underground WiFi Website

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